Wings of Gold


Graceful gold wings floating in the sky
alighting near me, before your sudden goodbye
fly, fly, fly butterfly
Teach me too how to be as free can be
to embrace every moment so carefree
fly, fly, fly butterfly
Show me things I am yet to know
by reaching as high as one can go
fly, fly, fly butterfly
My heart fills with joy and ponder
as you kiss a honeyed flower a yonder
fly, fly, fly butterfly
Let me follow you, and show me the way
show me the beauty that greets each day
fly, fly, fly butterfly
You flitter your wings of gold as you go
reminding me of  the courage to just let things go

A lovely piece inspired by the beauty of butterflies and their sacred messages and symbol. A big thank you to my dear friend Pat for encouraging and inspiring me to write this very spontaneous piece! hugs

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