What is really happening at the Heart of You?


Times are a changing in the world! Energetically people are recognising, talking about, speaking from, and living from the Heart – whether spiritually or non-spiritually.

HeartMath scientists have discovered that the heart does more than just pump the life force through our body. The human heart emits an electromagnetic field that surrounds the entire body, extending at least 15 feet in every direction. The field signals to every cell in your body, affecting the physical, mental, emotional health and well being. It is also affected by electromagnetic field of earth, other people, animals, plants, places or anything that has electromagnetic qualities, including space, planets and even stars. So we truly are connected.

Not many really know that the heart actually sends more signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart, and that like the brain, the heart can learn, remember, feel and sense on it’s own.  The heart signals effect our brain function, and have an influence on emotional processing, perception, memory and problem solving. The Heart responds to your brain, but the brain is continually corresponding to your heart.

In the fast passed conscious world, it’s easy to get caught up in the mind, stresses and feel ungrounded. However the brain alone does not hold all the answers to happiness, peace, love and contentment. We need to have a harmonious connection and communication between the mind and heart.

The Institute of Heart Math, which studies link between the heart, mind and emotions, has revealed that the heart’s complex nervous system actually qualifies the heart as a distinct “little brain” in it’s own right. They have created an exercise (below) designed to help one to access this “inner intelligence” of the heart. (Source: heartmath.org)


Focus your attention on the area of your heart (or the centre of your chest). If you lose focus, just keep shifting your attention back to the area of your heart.


Breathe in slowly and deeply. Imagine the air entering and leaving through the heart area, or the centre of your chest. If you are more experienced or used to meditation, you can imagine breathing in white light, or green chakra energy into your heart.

Heart Breathing helps you begin to get in sync and draws the energy out of the head, where negative thoughts and feelings are amplified. This helps neutralize stressful feelings.


Now  a nice chance to daydream a little…Remember a time or experience when you felt good inside – try to recreate this feeling. Focus on this  feeling as you continue to breathe through the area of your heart. (This could be a feeling of appreciation or gratitude toward a special person, animal, nature, a place you enjoy, or an activity that was fun.)

When you experience positive feelings like Love, Care, Appreciation while breathing through your heart, you begin to feel and think better, almost immediately. Holding positive feelings makes it easier to stay in sync longer, and becomes easier in time, so you can easily remain calm and balanced in stressful times.

HeartMath have a product called EmWave which I have, that trains you with your breathing and alerts you when you are not in a coherence state.



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  1. Imagine a 15 feet electromagnetic circle emanating from the heart. What happens when someone passes through that circle? I now know why i get the shivers when people pass me at night, walking the dog. My heart usually at ease, emanating positive energy. Touched by someone else’s circle!
    And it explains why my dog senses when my heart fills up with negative energy. This must be like a big dark cloud surrounding me.
    Wouldn’t it be great if all the negative thoughts would be bent into positive thoughts, leaving so much energy for the heart and spirit?! I definitely need to get some spiritual guidance.

  2. Hi Njari, interesting post! But does this gadget work….? I’m really curious. And really in need for something to lift my spirit! Having a stressful job, something, since lacking someone, that reminds me to keep the stress down, would be great.

    • Hi Jeroen, yes, the device does work, it trains you to breathe properly and bring it back in alignment with your heart. It’s a bit like a mindful meditation, because you focus on your breath, it matches it with your pulse, heart rhythms 🙂

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