Escape the Real World…


Find a little nook, a cosy sofa…A spot under a tree, with the spring or summer sun shinning…Your beautiful garden….A lovely earthy cafe….a book is a great solitary splendor where you can go off to another time, place, world

The pleasures of sleeping as mother nature intended, the spanish well know the art of siestas and naps, and I know on some days when at work I wish I could hide somewhere and grab some 15 minutes to recharge and escape. Energy is restored, confusion and minds made clear, the body heals, and we travel off (in soul) to unknown places and we dream the most amazing things.


Plan a retreat, whether at home or a weekend away…just do it. When you feel you need to escape, had enough of the trudge of work, it’s time to retreat and pull yourself together, mind body and spirit. Plan a monthy retreat,  you have so many options.

What more obvious way to escape reality than leaving where you are and going someplace else?  Where would you go, somewhere new or old? Find a place that resonates with you. Travel is inspiring and when you have had enough, just pack a bag and head for the road. Plan that road trip and have fun thinking about the little places you can stop on the way.

Creative Visualisation
See your dreams and act them out as if they are happening now, that you already have them. Use your senses to imagine sight, smell, touch, hearing and feeling. What stories or events make you happy. You can create a new event or relive and feel something from the past that brings you much joy.

Watch a Movie
Go and find some movies that make you feel good! or take you to a different place or fantasy…and enjoy the trip!

Do you have any other ideas??


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