Places I’d rather be….


Glastonbury Tor

In my teens I daydreamed of visiting this sacred ancient site in England’s south west, called Ynys yr Afalon (meaning ‘the isle of Avalon) by the early Britons, which is often thought to be Avalon, King Arthur’s legendary base. Adding validity to this, when the great abbey was being rebuilt , a grave was discovered carrying the following inscription: Hic jacet Arturus, rex quondam, rexque futurus (“Here lies Arthur, the once and future King”).

The Tower is all that remains of the medieval St. Michael’s church – which was destroyed by an earthquake on September 11, 1275. Some say that the Tor is an entry point to the Underworld and a place that the dead meet before they move on to another existence.

Full of myths and legends this place exudes an energy that draws me to visit one day, and feel my hand upon the ancient stone walls, and behold the view of the valley and sense the energy.

The winding path


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