It’s a Brazilian Life ~ Abadiania


I’ve been a little quiet this month, and I have just returned from a spiritual trip to Abadiania, in Brasil. It was an incredible experience that I will write in due course, but hope you enjoy this description of the main street and how life was for me, as I wrote it during a moment of reflection whilst there…

You step outside your pousada, your spiritual home, to a quaint street washed with a rainbow of pastel colours, like purple, ochre, apple, candy, and sky blue, and white washed walls adorned with climbing bougainvillea. A short walk and you see chickens share their corner with kittens, and dogs running free in dusty earth and unkempt roadsides. A horse and cart trot along the main street, loaded with hay or wood, as a man sits a top with cigarette in mouth, sun wrinkled skin and cowboy hat. There is no need to hurry here, time does not exist, your mind is set free and you truly learn about how to just Be. You try to think, you try to remember things, but it falls away to just a moment, an experience where you stare in awe of life around you….

A fawn coloured hummingbird suspended in mid air as it’s long beak finds nourishment in the nectar of a bright flower, it’s wings move so fast – its a blur, its body almost stationary, and it’s tail fanning slowly side to side.

We sit in the cool shaded garden patio, enjoying our own favourite nectars…pina coladas, green husked coconut straight with a straw, lavish Acai pudding topped with banana or addictive strawberry shakes. We are in the brightly yellow painted Frutti’s – the social hub, the repose zone of this Abadiania street.

Our moments are expressed on equal wavelength, sharing straight from the heart life’s moments, and entwined with lots of love and laughter. We are all journeying here, and connecting via familiarity, lessons, truths. We have all come here to connect with our Souls. We are at One, and this is our Soul pod.


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  5. I am not quite sure how you found me … but I am delighted you left a comment as a breadcrumb so I could discover your site. A “soul sister” of mine lives in an area (I believe) is near Abadiania … I was to visit her in May, but timing was not right. I look forward to reading more about your journey there … I enjoyed reading this post and the photography to go with it. Namaste ~~

    • Hello! yes your soul sister Pat is also a friend of mine, and she shared your beautiful post on her facebook page :). I also missed seeing her in June/July, she lives very close to Abadiania. This place is truly magical, and I already miss it so much. I look forward to reading more of your blog. with love, Njari

  6. Njari this is so beautiful, you are very gifted in many areas. I’m looking forward to your descriptions of more of the beautiful things we have shared. You know how to capture the depth of what we were experiencing.

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