Wolf Song


In dark mists his eyes see more

he sneaks through behind dark winds

and nestles in unlit caves

his ears are upright, yellow are his eyes

this creature sings to all those brave

his howl echoing in northern skies

the moon is set above him

he is aware of its great powers

and whilst at night the moon does conquer

his body moves with nightly rhythms

across the wild countryside, and yonder

hearing the call of a sacred owl

he steps with eery quietness

the wolf is attentive – that is his gift

to be sharp and all seeing

like a scorpion his mind is swift

protective of his wooded homelands

secretive of his nomadic nature

hear the wolf, hear him cry

let him sing his ancestral song

as he moves along by

(The wolf is primitive, wise and beautiful and symbol for Scorpio in the zodiac)

As a TOTEM animal it represents Intuition, Learning, Spirit

Wolf brings :

faithfulness, inner strength
and intuition when he enters our lives.
learning to live with one’s self and to find our inner power and strength.
But to achieve this, we must take risks and face our deepest fears.
Whilst Wolf demands a lot of us it gives us much in return;
a spirit helper that is always there to help
Wolf gives us extraordinary powers of endurance and reminds us to listen to our inner thoughts
and trust our insights.


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