Spiritual Musings


These are musings from my teenage years (1993-94), sometimes I think I channelled information which may be obvious from the language. I’m going to be adding and recording such information here for my reference and for anyone interested in reading them.

Freedom – is an attainable sense of feeling and is a natural element of our multi-structured being form. Just like the wind passes through swaying trees, so must we search for a path that is also right and worthy of our movement leading to freedom. As you move (however fast or slow) it is still freedom. If you can move – you are being freed.

More on freedom:

Freedom is like the wind, we know that in life there appears obstructions in the way of the attainment of freedom. Just like the wind’s path is obstructed by natural elements (like land, trees, buildings). The Wind (freedom) is always present, it just doesn’t appear obvious to us, it is something we cannot see, but exists. If you look carefully the obstruction in the way of freedom (the wind) can be moved around, wind (freedom) is flexible, and strong it can find a way around. Freedom is everlasting and variant in power according to the situation surrounded by in life. We sometimes feel restricted of freedom, we feel concreted to a situation which we feel in our hearts should not be. We must look for what’s stopping us from freedom and determine whether we deserve that freedom. If we do, then all the elements that hold you back will become flexible. Like the wind you can shape and move around the elements to find freedom.

Oneness – One may ask “How can I be at One with everything, how can we be a part of everything”? I answer this, how can you be a separate being of nothing, yet you say “they are my parents!”. A seed of a tree or plant, comes from other trees and plants, making them a part of them. Over time we have become detached from true self, and nature, just like we were once part of our mother and father before being born. We are indeed a part of all and everyone, we were spirits without a body, then chose our lives, our parents. So I ask again “Where did you come from”? This life is your school, and you have to go through many things to truly be at one with yourself, once this happens and you realise you are apart of everything, you will learn your lessons. Everything ‘Evolves’ but it is time to evolve spiritually.

Truth – there is only one truth – being where you are and where you are is where your body is right now. Practice being simple, being simply your Self. Our brain is always striving to be somewhere, or somebody else, wanting to want, change, improve, it gets bored very easily with being where the body is. Our mind or essence behind the brain illuminates us, yet we choose to lose contact with it.  Life is in the Now. You are Life.

Those stars that your sight holds are your dreams, and the moon you search for on a cloudless night is you. You move amongst your dreams, not knowing where you may have been, or even what you’ve seen.


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