The Spiritual Shoreline


Last night I was contemplating Stillness, and researched some suggested reading on Osho, inspired by my fellow spiritual friend, following my post on Tantra – The Way of Acceptance. Then during the night I had a very profound dream on this very topic, it involved aligning with our energies (chakras) to that of the universe energy points, and being a vessel for allowing things to flow. Unfortunately I woke up, and my conscious mind took over, leaving imprints of feelings and the image of sitting in lotus position, and seeing the chakras lit up through the centre of the body. I’m taking all of these messages from others, from my own spiritual self, and universe as an indicator of importance to me right now. The following words are a result of my dream and thoughts about finding Stillness in the present moment.

is the spiritual shoreline
where energy flows
so let go of control
it is a mask
of old patterns
and repetitive waves
Just be Still
and Observe
let the surge of thoughts pass
of their own accord
but do not participate
for beyond the moving tide
you will find unmoving ground
and if you stay still
the waves and  energy
will flow through you

for you are One
with the ocean of your heart
you see the waves above
but your attention

is of the vastness around you
you are connected
to everything


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