As Lonely as a Rose


I wrote this when I was 17, and it is a poem about our souls, as we travel in our form (physical). It is about acceptance, faith, belief, love and appreciation. That we are connected to everything. That we are not the Mind or vehicle. We have a path and we are never alone. I saw myself as the Rose, as I was learning to understand my spiritual awakening at that time, to feel between two worlds, and trying to find my place.

As lonely as a rose will fall upon the grounds of burnt sienna earth

there left undiscovered, there left to die

silence surrounds this unique but lifeless red rose

will rain fall upon this object  of once beauty

will it be held by the caring hands, so full of life?

the rose desires a discovery, aware of it’s tattered  petals

it lies on a ground that is walked upon

where raindrops shall never miss

surrounded by an aura of charm, a cool classic air

it is fated to, that soon it shall be

held within the hands that destiny has foreseen

let a hum or melody sweep the air

let the smell of nature beset the rose

for it belongs to this life with all its fair

attuned to all that may touch its form

the beauty of the rose is discovered

forever the rose will encounter a hand

be used with uttermost reason and care

whether it sees, feels or understands

it lies in a place, a part of this world

with its falling petals, ruby red hues

detached from which it seems to derive

the rose unites with One, with All

never alone, always at peace

it has no beginning or end

the rose is never lonely or lost

it just encounters its thoughts that way.


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  1. Lovely, simply lovely. Soon you will be in my world. I am looking forward to meeting you! Have a safe journey and be sure and contact me when you get settled. Hugs, pat

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