Tantra – the way of acceptance


Tantra says ‘ You say yes. You say yes to everything. You need not fight, you need not even swim – you simply float with the current. The river is going by itself, on its own accord, everything reaches to the ultimate ocean. You simply don’t create any disturbance, you don’t push the river, you simply go with it’.

That ‘going with it’ or ‘ going with the flow’, floating or relaxing with it is Tantra. If you say yes, a deep acceptance happens to you. If you say yes, how can you be complaining. How can you be miserable? Then everything is as it should be. You are not fighting, not denying, you accept.

Tantra says a transformation is possible, but not destruction. And a transformation comes when you accept your total being. Then suddenly everything falls in line, everything takes its own place, then anger, greed or frustration is absorbed. Then without trying to cut anything out of your being, your whole being rearranges itself.

Going with the Flow – the lesson to learn

In reflecting on this I feel I don’t walk the talk sometimes. I yearn and stand for freedom, travel, adventure, change, yet I am constantly placed in situations to test myself in the waters – will I flow with it or will I try tread water in something out of my control? I feel I am meant to learn the true meaning of freedom, and to do this in a constantly changing world, I need to be adaptable and courageous. I see now how my health relates to this also, it has required adaptability and courage on many levels. I notice when things don’t go as I expect or hope, I get disappointed. But who am I to say that what I projected as a story in my mind, was the best outcome in the first place? What is fighting against a change going to do for me? Nothing. I have to learn to choose how to react.

A day or so a go, I dreamed of lizards, there were many of them big and small and when one lost it’s tail, it just let it go and still survived! I’ve always liked lizards even as a little girl (I would catch and hold them). In reading about the symbolism of them I discovered:

They represent flexibility, survival and adaptability to an environment, and symbolic to the human psyche of ‘Going with the Flow’ and overcoming adverse external conditions. They are also escape artists, and may represent recognising danger (challenges) and removing (detaching) ourselves from a situation. When a lizard is caught by a predator or trap, it’s tail simply pops off and then grows back. May be it is reminding me to let things go and be more detached – to make the best of situations I cannot control. Lizards are self sufficient, resilient and a reminder that I am strong and a survivor.

So here’s what I am going to try and do to help myself:

Let things go

let go of my resistance to certain circumstances, my attachment to specific outcomes in my daily experiences, and desire to control everything that happens. Learn to be in the moment, be still, stop fighting, stop struggling, and resist, and just Accept.

Open my mind

observe what I am feeling, but don’t judge or change it, just experience them. Be present in the situation. Rather than focusing on the way I want things to be, just stay with what is right now. Be okay with this, instead of swimming against the current.

See the positive

find the joy or positives in the present circumstance and focus on that. Be grateful for them.

Choose to flow

rather than focus on how I’m not in the flow, choose to get in the flow.  If I experience challenges, say to myself, “It’s okay, I’m going with the flow, I’m not going to resist, I will just flow with it”. Relax and have faith that this is where I need to be right now.


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