Soul Meeting


A bursting full moon resides the cold winter skies of the east.

A moment of deliciousness warms my senses, body and mind inside the earthy toned walls of my weekend home.

Time lapses, yet feels suspended and I want to freeze frame it and feel it much longer.

I’ve envisioned this, your energy, the exchange of conversation, laughter, playfulness and comfort and touch.

There’s nothing unfamiliar, it just feels natural on levels beyond our consciousness, an unspoken understanding.

We chat, as we eat morsels of rustic food, and I notice how you thoughtfully replenish my plate with pieces of pizza, til it disappears in appreciation of good appetites.

Red wine wets our lips, and heats them together as kisses glide, frolic and roll naturally against one another.

You intoxicate me, and desire is met mutually,with skin against skin and insatiable sensualness.

I travelled far to say good-bye, for now, to a person I love, feel inspired by and treasure so much.

When you leave, and I’m in the emptiness of space and things, I begin to pack.

I place my ruffle cardigan into my case, and I am reminded of you, I smell you, it lingers from moments of embraces, and I am immediately comforted.

Though I fear in a short time it will dissipate, you are already imprinted in imagination.

I feel you so much, I will miss you so much. I wish to know you, where you are from, your beautiful language, understand the beauty and intellect of your words and mind and life as you embrace it.

I await the meeting of our souls again soon.


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