Dance of Life


I wrote this when I was in my early teens, and it was about understanding that we are a part of everything

I dance around
the flowers that I hold
within my hand
are in a wonderous state
like  a dream
My hair is long
it blows with the godly wind
I’m drawn to noises
but others do not hear
the stream is calm
full of earthy jewels
I feel so free
I feel at One
at Peace
unique and full of
unearthy forces
A Love, a calmness
words do not describe
When the birds sing
their tunes are my words
they send me their songs
I radiate them mine
My soul meets theirs
a love is felt there
but why do I cry?
these tears dwell in my eyes
I wish to understand
but really I do know why
others are yet to understand
others still don’t know
our souls are one with all
though different forms we take
we share the same force of Life
my tears are like crystal
the birds fly to me in peace
we are of a few
It’s sad I cannot help
I wished others viewed
what I have always seen
true beauty and emotion
I am the rose without the thorns
the journey I take is alone
others walk the same ground
we will meet some day
we just do not know when
and then they will understand
what I have already learned
until then I can do no more
but guide my fellow beings
with wisdom each souls soughts



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