Sensing the Seasons


I have always felt very sensitive to my environment and the energies of the seasons and weather. At one stage I created a sensing the seasons journal to observe the energies, cycles and events as the wheel of the year turned in the southern hemisphere (I’m quite certain I must have been a healer or heathen in a previous life ;)). I thought it would be nice to share this, and for me to have record which I can add to and refer to.

There is a notion that we could adapt our lifestyle to earth’s seasons (wherever we may be) in a holistic and harmonising way (within ourselves and the world). Many of us have long forgotten our connection to but also the observations of nature, and the energies that abound. We now live in artificial environments with heating, air-conditioning, we work odd hours, and may sleep during light or stay awake in the dark.

The Chinese culture have always used metaphors in their medical system by observing nature, the seasons and human behaviour in sickness or health – that discord of harmony creates imbalance. As we are apart of everything in nature, it would make sense to find ways to harmonise with nature rather than against her. And when we are connected to Nature, we are connected to the energy (call it Chi, Ki, the Source) that creates and maintains all living things.

Everything in our universe is in perpetual motion, everything has rhythm, and as the saying goes ‘as above, so below’ and ‘as within, so without’. What the self projects out is reflected back, all in harmony and rhythm. Why struggle against the tide, when we can harmonise our efforts with nature, and tune into it’s very power.

What if you created your own Sensing the Seasons journal, to learn to appreciate what is happening in nature during a season or cycle, how animals or people behaviour, what energies you feel. You can then look back like a wheel of life cycle, to see what you have done, and if you found yourself moving in alignment or against the energy of the time.

It’s a great personal development exercise to take some time to contemplate and meditate on the energies of each season on or near the times of seasonal changes (solstices & equinoxes). For myself I have followed the astrological periods, in order to see the subtle changes that occur from month to month. Setting your conscious intention to allow yourself to come into alignment with these energies is all that is needed to begin the processes of being in harmony with the natural rhythms and cycles of nature.

Overview of the Seasons

  • Spring – awaken, fertilize, rebirth, express, new beginnings, new life, planting new seeds, initiation. Spring is the best time to establish patterns of new energy, situations and goals in your life
  • Summer – grow, ripen, refine, intend, affirm, manifest. Summer is the time to tend the garden so to speak. Water the seeds of the new and weed out choking stifling energies so that your growing ‘plant’ will yield plentiful fruit in the fall
  • Autumn (fall) – harvest, receive in abundance, celebrate, fullness, give thanks, honor. Fall is the time to reap the rewards of what you’ve sown. Celebrate your successes and prepare for the time of going within during the coming months.
  • Winter – rest, nest, retreat, heal, release. Winter is time to till the soil and prepare the growing field for new seeds planted in the coming months.

March 21st to April 20th “The Balancing Act & Letting Go”
This period is the start of Autumn, a time of seeking balance. The energy is male, assertive, spontaneous, and daring. Time to overcome obstacles, break from influences, experiment and letting go.Its on the verge of light and dark, yin and yang.
Weather is mild and temperate, not yet so windy and some early rain.
Lemons start appearing on the trees, leaves still on plum and nectarine trees, and grass shoots emerge from the summer baked earth.
I’ve noticed that friction abounds, there is dissatisfaction, new homes or short trips away. Also various car malfunctions, also equipment and dramas with things including relationships, endings or disagreements.Cultural issues. Time of training or learning, exercise and travel and high sexual energy. This period of time I am always weary!!
This period relates to Aries – denoting energy, initiative and assertiveness. In the old calendar, this is the autumn equinox, element of earth, and represents sacrifice and separation.
*earth fruits/veges* apples, avocados, limes, grapes, pumpkin, zucchini, tomatoes, broccoli, eggplants,mandarins.

April 21st to May 20th “Expect the Unexpected & Strength and Determination”
Still autumnal, with fine days, morning and nights are clear but chilly.Venus appears in the night sky (the west) and Mars (the east). The earth energy beats like a slow steady drum.
Lots of crows and galahs and honeyeaters hiding. Family and relationships focused on with some unstability and power struggles. Dissatisfaction with many things, and feeling assertive and assured. Lemons are ready on trees and Parsley, Basil and Strawberry grow. The leaves on the plum tree hang downwards – and begin to turn red.
Ants not so prevalent, but millipedes and spiders make their appearance. There is a planning theme, people are in preparation mode, there is anticipation but a sense of not knowing what will happen.’
In the zodiac this is Taurus, representing strength and endurance. The earth energy is slowing down and the days are becoming shorter and nights colder. There is a stillness in nature, yet a stance of groundedness.
*earth fruits/veges* apples, avocados, limes, grapes, pumpkin, zucchini, tomatoes, broccoli, eggplants,mandarins.

May 21st to June 21st “Journeying Time”
This is a transitional time between Autumn and Winter, and a time about learning within, about finding ground, planning for future changes and making connections. Time moves quickly, yet sometimes it feels the pendulum can swing both ways, like a step forward, then step back. Sometimes we feel we struggle not knowing where things will go, energy is anticipative and mercurial like the Gemini influence of this phase, and we try to “figure things out”. Watch your health, sometimes we find ourselves reflecting on our past, this can be a healing time too. We dream, we Quest and urge to travel and be free. Longer nights beckon us, citrus trees become full with lemons, and mandarin. Plum and Nectarines in dormant mode, leaves falling. Jonquils, basil bloom. The energy of the earth is dark, yet stablising, rain falls, weather cocoons us. Colours for this time are Orange, Yellow, Gold.
*earth fruits/veges* beetroot, broccoli, spinach, rocket, carrot, apples,beans, figs, mandarins,pears, passionfruit.

June 22nd  to July 23rd  “Contemplation”
This period is influenced by the sign cancer, and also winter solstice in the southern hemisphere. The shortest day of the year and the sun’s lowest ebb. It’s a time of caring and nurturing. As the sun tranverses through the sign of the crab, he stops in his path and changes direction, like the crab that walk sideways. As the sun returns, the light will increase and days grow longer. The moon represents the mother and ebb and flow of tides, with without nothing would be born, or grown or flourish. With the rebirth of the sun in Cancer we become more aware of other people’s needs. This period is one of reflection and contemplation. I notice few ants and creatures stirring, all are quiet and hibernating. Some conflicts or resolutions being sought within relationships. Very cold mornings, dead branches, and autumn leaves litter the hard compounded ground. Rainy days cocoon us in once in a while. The cat wants to stay in and disappear under covers. Sleep and rest are important as energy levels lull. Fog sits low in mornings, and opening up on fine days to cloudless skies. It’s a time of friends and family. This is also a time of things going missing, loss or endings of things. In turn it’s a growing season for the soul which wants to move forward. It requires change.
Colours for this time are  Silver, white, cream, pale pink and blue.
*earth fruits/veges* apples, avocados,mandarins, oranges, pears, plums, strawberries, beetroot, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, beans, parsnips, celery,eggplants, snow peas, garlic.

July 24th to August 23rd  “The Adventurer”
The earth is in recovery stage and some creatures are still in hiberation mode. With the sun fixed in Leo, growth of vegetation is at standstill. While the earth sleeps, we and with the sun in leo we focus awareness on our self, and finding that unique vital spark or motivating force. Weather produces fine days with clear skies and blossoms flowering (apple and almond flowers in hues of baby pink and purple). Feeling active and preparing or thinking of the future. Finding old passions. Shrills coming from new season birds. Lots of grass sprouting up. Taking action by undertaking passions. Confidence grows, making connections, reaching goals, being fearless and feeling advenurous. People re-evaluation themselves and relationships shake and crumble. New doors open. Confidence to break from comfort zones.
Colours for this time are gold, orange, yellow, sunny hues
*earth fruits/veges* apples, avocados,mandarins, oranges, pears, plums, strawberries, beetroot, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, beans, parsnips, celery,eggplants, snow peas, garlic.

August 24th to September 24th  “The Awakening”
The earth has fully awakened and magically renewed her energy and fertility. The seeds that have lain dormant throughout winter are waiting to be charged with the lifeforce of spring, but for the most part they still remain hidden. Virgo, the virgin represents the unmanifested potential in all of us. Mercury has much to do with our own potential since he is the messenger that brings our throughts up from the subconscious to the conscious mind, representing the capacity  for clear and intelligent thinking. By now we must surely know, that when the time comes, we must reap what we have sowed. Life is awaking. Plum and nectarine tree are budding flowers and new branches of greenery. Weather produces fine days with clear blue skies or cloudy or clear nights. Morning frost is dissipating. I am fully immersed into plans  I put into action in the last phase, and becoming focussed. Lots of natural disasters around the world. Preparation time for what we know or could be coming. Time to set goals and seeds of the future. Lots of baby ducklings, and furry catepillars and millipedes almost gone.
Colours for this time are fawn, brown, beige, black, earth colours
*earth fruits/veges* lemons, carrot, beetroot, parsnip, silverbeet, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce, onion, peas,

September 24th to October 23rd  “Energy of Life”
At the equinox day and night are equal measure. The scales of Libra depict the delicate balance that is crucial in nature. We are ruled by Venus the planet of love, beauty and harmony. In Spring, natures creatures choose their partners for the courtship dances, and abundant new growth thrives and prospers. This is a time of plenty for the times ahead. With the sun in airy Libra starting the seasonal round, this is a good time to weigh up and weed out anything that has been obstructing your path of growth. Fertile plans and ideas come to fruition in due course, but only if we nurture them properly. A sense of proportion and harmonious relationship can be the greatest value at this time. In nature I’ve noticed warm to hot clear days, birds nesting and swooping (honey eaters, ducks and ducklings, magpies, all collecting for their nesting), nectarine and plum trees are nearly all green again, lemons still on trees, the sun is rising early (6am) and setting early (just after 6pm), lots of white butterflies and singing birds, wild flowers and a feeling of spirited free energy vibrating as fast as butterfly wings.
This is a good time to commit to a new path or chapter in your life, start gathering information about what you really want to do or achieve in aspects of your life. Clear your house and your body, create a treasure map collage of your ‘wants’ in life, do things to communicate with your subconscious the things your are seeking to achieve.
Colours for this time are earth colours like green, aquamarine, lilac, coral, fawn, lemon.
*earth fruits/veges* beans, capsicum, carrots, celery, cucumber, melon, lettuce, squash, tomatoes, basil, dill, sweet potatoes, mint, blueberries, broccoli, strawberries, pineapple, snowpeas, sprouts, mandarins, papaya, plums, rosemary and sage.

(to be cont…)

Australian Wheel of the Year (picture from greeting card)


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  1. I love the idea of a seasonal journal. I live in the floresta and want to be more aware of changes all around me. We pay a lot of attention to parts of it as I have a large organic garden. But I never paid much attention to the effects on me. But I love to journal, paint, and take photos so a visual journal about my connection to nature sounds like a lovely idea. Thanks! hugs, pat

  2. I think I’ve been doing just that (creating my own Sensing the Seasons journal) in my blog since I started this commitment to go outside and explore every day. It’s been a wonderful experience. 🙂

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