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Yesterday afternoon I had an appointment with a Ki Master in Perth. It was a haphazard thought that popped into my head during the week, and I had recalled seeing Ki Energy being conducted at the harbour markets near my home. I didn’t know much about it, but I found an email address and then called for an appointment. I’ve had a difficult and disheartened week, having  fallen a couple of times leaving me with bruises, broken spirit, and my energy had flat-lined. With my overseas trip coming up, I just wanted to find some balance again and as always I trust my intuitive insights.

I didn’t know that when I got there, I would be listening intently to the words of the Ki Master Jung, that resonated a deep understanding within me. I arrived at a grey, and unassuming old building, with many offices, and using what energy I had to master the stairs to the second level. I felt comfortable and calm not the butterflies or scattered energy I usually get when doing something new. I entered the main waiting room, removed my shoes respectfully, sat down on a big apricot sofa and observed my space. There were words in korean written on the wall, a desk and donation box, and I felt the vibrational energy of the place – it felt breezy and light – it flowed.

Master Jung sat down opposite to me, and asked me some specific questions whilst he tuned in. I relayed to him the emotional and physical wounds that have evolved over the last three years. He explained how the connection I had with my ex-husband, others who are soul connected, as well as our ancestoral family are very strongly blue printed in my spirit, and the trauma I have endured (on many occasions) which has caused the emotional response, has in turn created a deep shock in my nervous system -and everything has shut down. He recognised my sacral and root chakra area were blocked (although he used a different term), he already knew I suffered extreme coldness in hands and feet, and as he spoke about how we are connected to the Source, or Cosmic energy, I hung actively listening to every word – I understood.

It is said that the human body is a miniature of the cosmos because it contains the energies of the universe and the earth within itself, and our energy channels not only connect organ to organ, but also to the universe. We are designed to receive energy from the universe and sustenance from the earth. In Ki philosophy, life is maintained by receiving energy from the sun, the moon, earth, water and wind. Ki is something I had also touched on in my Aikido martial arts training, because as we performed our techniques, with breath and mind we were to direct the energy outwards. Ki energy is borrowed from the universe and exists beyond mere physical energy – we move the energy with the flow of life.

In a Ki treatment it combines the healing abilities of sound, breath and acupressure.It is believed that sound can penetrate more effectively than a needle or touch alone, because sound can pass through matter and change vibrational particles.

After analysing the events that had led me there, and my spiritual and psychic Dragon (in Oriental astrology) nature, it was recognised that due to the length of time I’ve been suffering, it would take time to bring my energy and power back into balance. But I need to learn to do this myself, I need to make those changes within. What I was going to experience on this day was an example of how Ki feels, and the Master suggested I consider being trained in Ki Energy. As I am also going away, he suggested I go to the harbour where it is the last day of the markets and he would work on me again.

So it was time to enter the door to the sacred space of healing and learning. We entered and respectfully bowed – the room was mostly empty but there were cushions and small shrine at the front and a massage table to the right, nearby an open window and filtered sunshine. I laid on the table on my back and closed my eyes. Master Jung said given my spiritual and ‘feeling’ nature I may find I am able to feel the energy much easier. It began with me taking three deep breaths in through my nose and exhaling through my mouth. He said to empty my mind, to be in the now.

Master Jung rested his hands on my abdomen where he checked my energy circulation. From here he moved around my body and began to open energy pathways by working on pressure points on my abdomen, arms, legs, neck, shoulders and head. As he was doing this, he emitted a strong  SSSHHH sound (I could feel the strong force of air expelled at the same time) that magnifies the energy being emitted into your body. Whilst on my back I could feel heat around my head, my ears popped and I felt like I was spinning! When he had traced the energy channel on my back, I turned over so the points on the opposite side could be stimulated. I felt very relaxed and found that I wasn’t thinking of anything, I was indeed in that moment and in that energy. Finally I sat up, with legs hanging over the table, as he loosened tension spots in my shoulders, neck and head, at the same time moving his hands and making the SSSSSSHHHH sound. I could feel heat radiating off his hand as it moved past me! After finishing I felt much lighter and energised and left in good spirits.

Today, I went to the harbour to see Master Jung. He was standing outside the booth with his white outfit looking composed. He saw me approach and said he just thought of me in that moment and wondered if I was coming! My mum was with me, and there were people everywhere and I know that some people were likely skeptical in seeing this unusal practice. My thoughts were, could I find centredness in such a busy place. I took off my shoes, and as described above we went through the same process. I went into a zone of being in the moment, I did not think, I did not care about the noises or conversations around, I was in another state. When I finished I felt relaxed, and different, I felt lighter and buoyant and my mum said she could see I was in another state. I could ‘feel’ the energy difference. I spoke to Master Jung about helping me train myself to rebalance my energy and power, but the training hours didn’t quite suit. He said when I get back from overseas we will talk about how we can organise this.

More and more I find I am connecting with the right people in my life, to grow, learn and heal. As I step back into my true self, and the spiritual soul I am, and the abilities I have, the more I flow. I am truly grateful.

‘Who are you, the drop or the ocean? Where are the limits? Where is the beginning? Where is the end? Now, take this to reflection, go through and cut these words with discernment. Live the moment. Discover yourself. Discover the truth without veil.Ki flows eternally, eternally flows.


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  1. Hi Siannaphey just read your blog and I am very interested to give this a go. Do you know where I can contact or where its held? I seem to miss the expos is there a place I can go or make a booking?
    Kind regards
    Thanks chas

  2. Hi I just ran into this post after doing some searching about Ki Energy Treatments. A friend of mine had a similar experience. I found some interesting stories. I think you should read the following links and make your own minds up? Also question their scientific articles?

    • Thanks for that, it’s always to see two sides, I always do, but I beat to my own drum, and my skeptic side can see through most with my abilities. Thankfully never failing me :). Ki, chi resides everywhere, I have created chi energy myself, as have friends who are well honed. In the end it’s own experiences that tell the tale. Like all areas of life, scammers exist too. Thankfully mine not one of them.

  3. Hi ,
    Just stumbled on your blog and have just had a similar experience last Sunday with Master Jung . I had no intention of having any kind of massage when I saw Ki Energy massage at Forrest chase Perth , I thought it worth a try as I suffer from a persistent bad lower back , after the massage my back was in better shape than it had been for twelve months or so . I then went back for some energy work in the building you mentioned . Your account of your experience was exactly the same as mine .
    Ive now booked myself in to do the Ki energy workshop and will see where this leads me .
    All the best to you on your travels and adventures .

    • Hi Stephen, I’m happy you found relief through energy healing. I would be so interested in what you get out of the energy workshop. Unfortunately my health and mobility make attending one too hard :/. Many blessing of light and healing, Njari

  4. Hi njari Im sorry I only just read your reply you can email me to the email address I have posted on when you get time then I can give you my number. It would be great to talk to you right now with what. I’m going through. Thank-you njari

  5. Hi there I was just wondering if you decided to go back to master jung for treatment? How are doing hope you are getting well. I’m up and down and sometimes feel like I’m never going to be 100% again but master jung reassures me to be patient.
    Hope things are getting better for you.

    • Hi Dear Tess
      No I cannot see myself getting back to Master Jung due to my hefty schedule. I am up and down a lot, but remain positive mostly.
      Would love to get in touch with you. Please sending me your contact details 🙂

  6. Also master jung knows what is possible to heal and what’s not. I still find it hard to believe that I will return to normal but if he’s sure about it then I just have to stick with it and wait and see what happens. Also my friend said braco the famous healer is commin to Perth soon the dates are in this weeks Nova magazine he is only $8 a session. Maybe try another healing with master jung and ask him what your chances of recovering back to normal again. He even said my friend with cerebral palsy will recover with lots of treatments and time. He said it takes alot of healing when there’s long term damage. Which is understandable its not a quick fix its gunna take along time and lot of healing treatments to get me there. I go to him three times a week at the moment. Take care and let me know if you go.

  7. Oops sorry about the last bit at the end my computer is not working very well. I meant to say I wished I had taken photos of my sons wrist before and after.

  8. Hi njara Im sorry I haven’t written back yet my computer is playing up. I am now on my ninth session and its been a roller coaster for me ups and Downs I am no where near back to normal yet. But my condition was pretty bad. I am feeling all different things happening to my body. My muscles aren’t as tight as before and I feel looser. Master jung has given me hope he believes if I continue treatment I will return to normal again which would be amazing. So I am booked for another 5 then assess my condition. One miracle has already occurred I took my 17yr old son there for treatment on his broken wrist he had just had the cast removed a week before and he had some lumpy tissue damange on his wrist that stood out. He had one session which brought some emotional stuff out in him on the way
    Home. And he said in the car that did nothing for me and I wont be going back again. I said ok it was worth a try anyway. The next morning I went to put some arnica on it and the lumps were gone. We couldn’t believe it. Later that day he said I might go back for another one. I rang master Janine at the center to tell her the news and when she told master jung he just said yes that’s right. He knew it would happen. Anyway I hope you are progressing Its going to take some time for me to get there but knowing master jung thinks I will return to normal helps. My doctor told me to pray for a miracle cause that’s what it will take to heal brain damange. I just hope master jung is right.
    Take care

    w it
    would happen. I just wish I had taken before and after photos for other people to see. W

    • wow that’s great news Tess, I am so happy to hear that you are feeling the energies!! wow and how about your son, I bet he is eating his words now haha!!
      I’d love to go back myself, but from what I remember there were a flight of stairs and I’m not sure I can do them anymore ;(. How much is each session?

      • Yes there is a flight of steps and I struggle to but there’s a hand rail and I take my time. I have a friend with severe balance and walking disabiltys she has celerby palsy sorry about spelling not sure how you spell it. She manages to get up and the stairs and after the healing we both come down the stairs much quicker and easier. I consider the healing now as my rehab. Master Janine is fantastic too she helps me understand what’s happening through the process with my mind and body. Its the cheapest healing around I think $120. For 5 treatments or $30 each. My husband and I still struggle to pay it but its my only way to freedom at the moment. I have alot of damage to repair and I feel every bit of the healing energy through waking up parts of me. So its worth the money so I hope we can afford for me to keep going until I’m better. I know its what I
        need more than anything else. So I can have life with my family again. Let me know if you go again I’d love to meet you some time. Xoxo many blessings to you and your recovery.

        PS. I’m sure master Janine would help you up the stairs if you ask her.

  9. Oh thanks alot I probably can’t get there today but will contact the expo.
    You said you went to a grey building the first time to see him. Can you tell me where that was please.
    kind regards

    • Hi Tess, I wish I remember where it was, near the city but it was a little while ago now :/ -your best bet is contacting the Expo people. I also had a session at the Expo too, and found it great 🙂

    • Thanks alot siannaphey I will call them today. How much does it cost? Are they at the markets every Saturday? Glad to hear its helping you.

  10. Hi could you please give the contact details of this treatment I would like to have a healing with master jung

    Kind regards

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