The Art of Living


I think in life you need:

An open heart, open mind, open spirit
An understanding of the soul within
A desire to overcome all obstacles in achieving your individual destiny
An understanding of the needs of persistence
A tenaciousness that is unique,not dogged
A direct and honest approach
The will to continue learning
A search for personal challenges and self improvement
An inspiration for spiritual growth
An acceptance of change and loss
The courage to fail
The courage to try again
A strong vulnerability
An ornate simplicity
A refusal to be made to feel insecure by anyone
A propensity to focus and build on positive life experiences
A dedication to find the truth, your truth, in every situation
A sense of adventure
To know how to give and receive unconditional love (from Pat)
To know how and when to just laugh at the absurdies of life (from Pat)
Embrace Chance, it’s the beginning of all Life (Jeroen)

Love & Blessings Njari

Appreciate the smallest thing, whether a smile, a card, a fragrance in passing, a lovely view, a creature
Cultivate an understanding of others cultures and viewpoints even when it is difficult to put yourself in their place
Consider carefully the effects on other people of your actions, words and thoughts – everything comes back multiplied
Take care and appreciate the rituals in your life
Be thankful for all you have
Don’t live with regret

Can you think of anything else you would put in the list?


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  1. A challenging list indeed. How about “knowing how to give and receive unconditional love” and “knowing how and when to just laugh at the absurdies of life.” Love this…more please! hugs, pat

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