The Lighthouse


I am poised upon the clifftops pale

tall, strong and proud I am

watching out for ships in sail

A lighthouse –  lightworker I am

Still I stand, so composed

when storms of monsoon rise

thrashing and smashing violent waves

I’m safety in disguise

I am unshaken by it’s fierceness

but worry of my comrades

so blinded by the rains

they collapse to many obeys

but my mind is high in sight

blessed powers of enlightenment

so I colour their worldy paths

on many such foggy nights

I care, I guide, I guard

I stand at peace with strength

so great do I regard

where others paths are sent

pure, innocent, so quiet

yet I am a part of everything

earth, air, water and fire

amidst all life I cling

my signals are ever present

for whenever I am not near

so you may hear my steady voice

to guide your path bright clear

for when you see my glow, my insight

when you’re lost in sombre days

when you have faith in who I am

you may journey safer ways

(NJ- 95)

The video below is of Leeuwin National Park in Western Australia


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