Zen Prayer


Whilst at a time when owls eyes still stay open

and crisp winter breezes are seen in frosty air

my eyes are open wide

silence nestles in the darkened morn

and dew softens lilac petals

I commune to a hideaway haven

to dwell near alpine dew

near a well, dipper and shinto

before the eye of heaven awakens

stillness and quietness surrounds me

I’m a zen monk who hardly ever sleeps

I ponder on only an empty mind

and I do not doubt enlightenment

when time perceives

when my god foresees

I shall be ready to see

but now I sit with nothingness

aware of all encompassments

the sky, the night torches

and holy blessing water

when I leave this nothingness

it will be with no thoughts

no doubts, nor emotion

I will leave with Being

the Love, Spirit and Light

that the Divinity placed in my form.



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  1. This, too, is beautiful, although I have never been able to perceive being in a state of nothingness. The idea interests me but I am no where near it. Hugs, pat

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