The power of scent….


Since time began, the blending of oils and herbs have been used by people to create positive changes in their lives.

Everything has a spiritual essence, including essential oils, which are extracted spirits or personalities of various parts of herbs, plants and flowers. Almost all civilisations applied some form of primitive aromatherapy in their daily lives.

Aromatherapy is the art and science of blending essential oils for therapeutic use. The oils are natural, organic and highly aromatic extracts obtained from minute glands in flowers, roots, stalks, seeds, leaves, bark and rinds of plants. Each essential oil is unique and comprised of harmless chemical constituents. The essential oil of a Rose has over 500 different components. These essences are often called the lifeblood or hormones, because they trigger messages to the plant and protect them from harm.

One of the most positive benefits of these oils is their ability to affect our state of mind, because the molecules of the oil when inhaled travel directly the limbic area of the brain, which processes smell, and is also the seat of emotions, memory and learning.

Essential oils are the spirit of life. So by using them to anoint your body or objects, whilst visualising your goals or dreams, you are actually connecting your energy with those of the particular oil. The magical connection is the power of life. Using your will and belief we can take on and envelop the energies of nature. The oils work at all levels of our being, they can help resolve the past.  Just think about how different scents evoke feeling in you. Have you ever noticed that a particular scent can bring forth a rush of vivid memories? The scent of a particular perfume might remind you of a romantic partner with whom your relationship ended on a sour note or brought much happiness, or roses remind you of your grandmother, or jasmine may remind you of a holiday to Bali. Did you know that some companies even use scent or ambient branding! Singapore Airlines was one of the first companies to develop a uniform scent in their airline cabins. Western Hotels uses a White Tea fragrance to create a zen-like feel to their environment.

The best way to make use of the oil’s energy is to use them with the lunar cycle. This is because all water, fluids, saps, blood and energies are highly affected by moon phases. So whether you are using your favourite perfume, oil blends, or balms, you can create a ritual and experience that is meaningful or empowering to you.

Anointing with essential oils:

  • visualise your goals whilst anointing your body, crystal, candle or any other object, and use all your senses to encompass the energies
  • you can run your oil onto candles whilst visualising or meditating. Inhale the oil as it burns
  • basic anointing locations: temple, heart, wrists, abdomen, throat or chakra points
  • you can release the energies into a bath (add 6-8 drops to a quarter of a cup of milk, swirl and add to bath)
  • boost crystals with oils – let your intuition guide you

Working with the Moon

The New Moon

Sap is in the root of plant or tree.

Select meditative oils: Lavendar, Lemongrass, Marjoram, Clary Sage, Geranium, Jasmine, Vanilla, or Cinnamon

Totem Animal: The Hawk – representing focus, aims and perception.

Now is the time to renew things in your life. A good time for self-affirmations, you are creative and in need to flow. Visualise yourself as whole, ask yourself what you wish to achieve. See yourself carrying out your goals. Try drawing them, collaging, writing them as  you inhale your oil or scent. This is the beginning of a new cycle.


Light Comes From Within is a perfume that was created to represent new beginnings. It features bergamot top note and middle notes of freesia, honeysuckle and night blooming jasmine. And a base of oceanic musk and white cedar. This fragrance was inspired to evoke the California sunlight, coastal air and more ethereal manifestations of nature’s beauty.

Waxing Moon

New moon to waxing. midnight to sunrise – sap flows from the tip of the roots to the surface of the ground or the main truck of a plant or tree. Sunset to midnight -sap flows from the surface of ground to the tips of the roots.

Select protective oils: Frankincense, Rosemary, Nutmeg, Tangerine or Pine

Totem Animal: The Deer – representing pacing, placid and free flowing energies.

This is the time to energise your new projects, or those you are still undergoing. Adjust, adopt, grow. Allow things to develop. This is a good time for healing. When you use your oil or scent, visualise yourself working towards your goal, seeing opportunities and having courage and faith to see things through. Frankincense is a good confidence and courage oil.

Full Moon

Sunrise to Midday – sap rises from the ground to the tips of the leaves. Use of oils at this time will sedate.

Select visionary oils: Sandalwood, Lotus, Eucalypt, Rose, All Spice, Orange or blossomed flowers.

Totem Animal: The Unicorn – representing power, sacredness and healing.

This is a perfect time to celebrate energies in your life. It is a time for honouring your achievements and faith in your efforts so far. As you use your oil or scent, see the completion of your goals. Now you can express yourself and let the universal energies flow. Everything is indeed sacred to you. A blend of Sandalwood and Rose is an intoxicating and beautiful blend.


Some Perfumers have even created scents to connect with moon! Oriflame (Swedish perfume) created this romantic Full Moon collection inspired by the sentimental moments of a love pair in a night of full moon.

Waning Moon

Midday to Midnight – sap flows from the tips to the ground.

Select ceremonial oils: Patchouli, Myrrh, Lemon, Juniper, Rose and Honeysuckle (good for letting go of the past)

Totem Animal: The Wolf – representing protection, purification and wisdom.

This is a time for releasing  obstacles of your life. Evaluate your current situation and decide what things must end. Write your concerns on paper, drop some oils or scent on to it, and burn it. See things in a positive light, as you annoint or scent something, know it is a time to accept things must end and new things must grow. Believe in yourself.

Using Essential oils or herbs internally: If you use in the morning, they will work on limbs, head and skin. If you use in the evening, they will work on the truck of body and organs.

Using Essential oils or herbs externally:If you use in the morning, they will work on the whole body. If you use in the evening, they will work on the locally applied area.

Emotions in a Bottle (which is yours?)

Think about some of the perfumes you may like – there is more to it than you realise. Researchers have identified that there are seven scent categories that can invoke moods:

1. Floriental scents – These offer romantic, dream-based moods that are often idealistic in nature. They create emotional places where feelings can serve as a master, not just a guide. Perfumes like Halloween Kiss (J Del Pozo), In Control Curious (Britney Spears), Lolita Lempicka, Notorious (Ralph Lauren), Kenzo Flower
2. Aldehyic-floral scents- These tend to project a classical, elegant, or cultured mood. They can evoke feelings of wealth, power, and freedom. Perfumes like Chanel No5, White Linen (Estee Lauder)
3. Oriental scents – These offer introspection, sensitivity, and reflection as their base moods. These can evoke a deep, spiritual understanding and intense relationship bonds. Perfumes like Lou Lou (Cacharel), Princess (Vera Wang), Opium (for Woman), Obsession for Woman (CK)
4.Fruity-floral scents –These project a carefree, playful, and cheerful mood. These fragrances create curiosity and an openness to change that would not ordinarily exist without them. Happy (Clinique),J’Adore (Dior), Pacific Paradise (Escada), Juicy Couture
5.Powdery-aldehydic scents – These scents offer an independent, unconventional, and unfettered mood. These scents offer an artistic freedom. Perfumes like Chanel No5, Blonde (Versace), Vintage (Kate Moss)
6.Fresh green floral scents – These project a dynamic, active, and extroverted mood. These scents invoke feelings of risk and the exhilaration that goes with that risk. Perfumes like Chanel No.19, Lauren (Ralph Lauren), and Beautiful (Estee Lauder).
7.Chypre scents -These fragrances project professional, pragmatic, and self-assured moods. These are no nonsense scents that offer a feeling of practicality.Perfumes like Be Delicious (DKNY), Ange au Demon (Givenchy), Knowing (Estee Lauder)

Why not make your own unique Perfume! Here is a site called the The Perfume Lab

by Njari (Dip. Natural Oil Therapy)


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  1. Thanks for this interesting article on scent. I have always been super sensitive to smells so found this helpful. I posted it on Facebook. Love your blog! Always something interesting to think about! Hugs, pat

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