Oneness from Invisible Heights


Leafing idly through The Home Planet, I stop at a picture of Earth floating against the black velvet of space.

Africa and Europe are visible under swirling white clouds,but the predominant color is blue.

This was the one picture from the Apollo missions that told the whole story–how small the planet is in the vast sprawl of space, how fragile its environments are.

Seen from space, Earth has no national borders,no military zones, no visible fences.  Quite the opposite.

You can see how storm systems swirling above a continent may well affect the grain yield half a world away.

The entire atmosphere of the planet–all the air we breathe, all the sky we fly through, even the ozone layer–is visible as the thinnest rind.

The picture eloquently reminds one that Earth is a single organism. ~Diane Ackerman


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