you arrived…


You arrived in a body
but you are not your body
a plan was developed
we will call it LIFE
we know it like a stage play
themed around emotions
you know you have your part
some acts will be compulsory
some acts will be optional
some acts you improvise
you don’t know it all
nor do you need to right now
thinking about now is enough
patience and timing
everything comes when it comes
you must have trust
as you play each part
as you follow it through
but you do have choices
but these have consequences
but the story plan remains
but plans can be adjusted
you determine what’s right|
you will also make choices
these can be good or bad
this may impact the story
but add dimension to you
to play your part well
you soon learn to trust your self
you notice signposts/guides
this is called chance
you notice something feels right
intellect doesn’t interfere
they are prompts/hints
others will also have a part
perhaps you will pair together
you will guide each other
or challenge each other
to help you further learn
about the depths of being
you will arrive at an act
and have gained a skill
and in helping yourself
you have helped another
in helping others
you help the world

(NJ -2011)


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  1. We must be in-sync!! I just finished writing a draft post of Life’s code of conduct (decisions, good or bad, choices we have to make, values, etc.)! Anyway, I like this 🙂 V.xo

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