Through Indian Visions


Just words best describing my visions or dreams

Hear the beating drums

of their sacred hearts

the wisdom in their eyes

magic and melody in their voice

they still follow their journey

in spirit – they continue

on ancient paths

See them sitting there

peace-pipe passing round

their mellow voices speaking

ancient music lifts the air

a Great Spirit is heard

tears and happiness dwell

as ancestoral voices resound

A ghostly image ripens

in the scent filled air

upon a rearing pinto mare

dressed as warrior should

his wise face conveys a message

so the indians in-hand chant

for this presence right beside them

has heard their loving prayer

I had a dream once where I stood near a forest and lofty cliff. I was standing too close, and a young native indian boy grabbed my hand and brought me to safety from the cliff’s edge. I went back to the dwellings, and I saw ceremonial amulets, and jewellry which I was not allowed to touch. I sat with the matriarchs of the tribe and they showed me ancient secrets, things they had in possession -egyptian relics! A matriarch asked me if I knew the name of my guardian angel, and I said ‘Zirachey’. I expressed my spirituality with them and felt at peace.


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