Rhiannon was a Celtic (Welsh) Goddess linked to the moon and to horses. Her name meant ‘Diving Queen’ of the fairies and she was depicted as a beautiful young women in glittering gold who rode a beautiful white horse.

In myths, Rhiannon gallops by the Demetian king Pwyll, and he is intrigued and enraptured by her. He sends his best horseman to follow after her, but she is always elusive, even though her horse moves at a graceful amble. After days, he calls out to her, and she tells the prince she has come seeking him for she would rather marry him than her fiance.

This is a small poem written by me:

She rode upon her beauty mare

where windswept hills did lay

striding upon the witching hour

she loped her steel grey galloway

T’was then sighted, quite serene

Prince of Dyfed at a speed

but barely did he touch her shadow

on his gallant stallion steed

The handsome prince calls out to her

and she stops to say her name

then enchantedly she moved again

for never ending was her game


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