Dawn – my favourite time of day


I have always loved the earth at Dawn – so tranquil, so calm, so peaceful and I see no time to rush.

I am cocooned in a steady energy of calmness, and I see things differently, or reflectively.

With the emerging light comes warmth, and it recalls to me times of magic, of wonder and imagination. A time when anything can happen, and light and dark is polarised.

I enjoy beginning the day before the sun is up, there are less people around, and it feels like I can harness my mind and energy for the day ahead, without the rush and hustle that begins to emerge when people embark on their daily work routines.

Sometimes I look up at the stars, and see the sun peaking over the horizon, causing the colours to blend from dark grey, to dark blue and light blue. I ground myself before work, centering myself so I’m shielded from the rush of energy that will entwine my being as I go about my day.

I remember the days where I used to wake at 4am before high school, and I would ride my bicycle down to the stables, and find my mare laying down sleeping. I would sneak in and calmly stroke her neck, then prepare her meal. It was a labour of love – I would do this rain, hail or shine, or if I was sick or well.


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  1. Lovely write. I, too, am an early riser. I love the morning mists over the floresta ; the nightbirds singing their last songs in harmony with morning birds beginning their day of music. Also, I have a passion for horses and have four. Seems like we have some more things in common. Thanks for your beautiful sharing. Hugs, pat

    • Hugs back at you Pat.I don’t think I could ever get out of being a morning person :). I adore horses, they are my totem animal – always felt connected to them.

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