The Lotus


“As a lotus flower is born in water, grows in water and rises out of water to stand above it unsoiled, so I, born in the world, raised in the world having overcome the world, live unsoiled by the world” ~ Gautama Buddha ~

The Lotus flower is one flower I truly associate with – it reminds me that whilst I am gentle, and sensitive, I am also Strong. That whilst I struggle with love, life, and health, I am growing albeit tenderly and slowly, layer (petal) by layer (petal), and positively into something brighter and more beautiful. As a symbol, the Lotus reflects metaphorically the life we live as our soul travels in this world. I truly love the pink and purple lotus flowers, and the purple is considered the most beautiful, rare and  sacred. It’s condition of growth makes it so sacred….and it also represents to me the desire to grow metaphysically to the heights of human consciousness.

Reflect for a moment, as Lotus

I germinate within the depths of a muddy, filthy pond, surrounded in darkness, muck and the unknown

I know not where I will emerge

As I grow, my unfurled blossoms begin to emerge raising my head above all the filth

I bloom as a beautiful flower, peeling down my petals, and shedding the dirt as I grow

My face reaches for light and space

I exist and shine untainted by the mud I have left behind

We all wish to rise through the murkiness of this real world, to move away and detach from all the evils, pains, and wounds surrounding human condition. We all want to bloom vibrantly and free from taint and attachment, so we can truly BE.

Lotus flower in Sydney, Chinese Garden of Friendship

This beautiful flower was captured by a dear friend on his travels, and I consider it so perfect, so beautiful.

The Lotus Emerged from Darkness into Light

Timelapse of a Lotus


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  1. Very very very beautiful. I absolutely adore how you related our lives with such a beautiful flower. I love lotuses too and it is such a wonder they grow in filthy waters. The way you describe everything is so pure and truthful.

  2. This was so beautiful…the flower opening, I could watch this all day…so peaceful and calm….

    The poem was lovely, and a good match for the beautiful opening flower.

    How wonderful to reside in that space right now…and always. Right now there is death and destruction all around the Southern US, but like the lotus, people will rise above the debris.

    Perhaps we will grown again more like the kudzu!

    Lady Nyo

  3. beautiful….to emerge from the depths of murky waters into a blossom of beauty is the absolute truth of a lotus and of our own journey….awesome!

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