The Beach, Mullaloo


An hour before sundown, and as revellers soften hard days by the coastal bar & cafe, I seek refuge to the cool sands.

My bare feet  navigating carefully through the beige grains.I enjoy the gentle  warming of the retiring sun and feel the breeze and saltiness whipping from the gallant sea.

People come here for many reasons, play, togetherness or solace.

Relaxed as I walk along  the shoreline, I observe young lovers, fully clothed, reclining in  heavy sands without care, ardent runners charging the flat shore,  and then find sadness.

I see him from a distance, and his body  conveys a message to me. Sitting there with knees bent and  head held down, hands to chin.

Even from here I can feel that  void. So I wish silently, and lend my blessings, wishing that the  ocean energy will cast his sorrow away.


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