Spiral of Life


I’m standing in the spiral of life

incomplete, alone, lost and hurt

where does my path lead to?

I try to draw my faith from the dearest

for many are the seeds of my soul

and I grow to be as I be

with love and peace my sacred goals

But when the raindrops touch me

I’m crying, deep inside

teardrops, blood, fluids flow

intentionally, woefully slow

My hands behold my centre of being

it flutters, it’s nervous, very sad

for its feeling all its seeing

my energies crave true feelings

it needs to be able to understand

it knows all may end in one way

but in other ways it still grows

Nothing is completely ended

the seed will always be there

and if you wish to feed that seed

let your soulful energies regrow

and whatever feelings you wish to send out

rebuild the flower of hope and re sow


HOPE is restoring faith in yourself, and projecting your positive beauty, inner power and spiritual love to those around you.

To feel is to heal


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