Rush or Hush-Hour?


same time almost
same place
people are creatures of comfort
I observe….
she pulls out her compact
as she does each time
colouring her lips before the train departs
he stands, rocking upon his toes
music in his ears
alienating him to his own world
another absorbed
stifly holding a book
position to where doors open
ready for her same seat
he sits, rather than stands
he will be standing and working
on his feet til the day ends
and makes the most of comfort
people gather
along three different spots
clusters of preferences
i daydream
i watch for the same sparrow
securely perched on a cable
the schedule flashes
the train arrives
its orderly movement at this time
I sit
seeing familiar faces
seeing similar moods
people watching people
people awake enough to digest reading
but i am an escapist
in my realm
of music
the sun is opposite me
shining into my bright blue eyes
i observe
a smile broadens on his face
amusement flickers from words of a book
i am singing in my head
i feel good, happy
Morten Harket (A-Ha) is rocking
my mood
it’s friday, I embrace a feeling of freedom
arriving to the hub of energy
as people eager
dash, sprint, push to make way to work
but I don’t
I wait, I let the movement subside
then leisurely, peacefully
stroll out to an early morning
and embrace a day
where my mood will dictate
the way it turns out….


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