My heart is against nobody


You know I will never vanish from you

I just couldn’t walk away

my heart holds glory to any soul

and it’s not for anyone to say

I love you like a brother or sister

it doesn’t matter who you are

we all stride upon the same one earth

but we just follow different paths

Distance cannot conquer my love

if all gives chance to linger

stronger emotions are always pondered

and no intentions are to injure

Whenever you shall sight a star

think of me as I do you

when the star shall dance or wink

remember I care deeply from a far

Know my belief and faith is there

no matter what you seek or sought

we shall all follow our beating hearts

to do everything we sought or ought.



2 responses »

  1. this is so beautiful, as i was reading this faces of people i love came to mind and even though their not here with me i always know when they’re thinking of me and vice versa

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