Glastonbury 1380


Oh what dreams!

that ’tis my eyes only see

what others ought not view

ne’er to thy rainbow

I move not slow

Cast an eye, no glance pretent

for alone the road I take

held within my pale hand

deep within my velvet pouch

are herbs of Mistletoe

as sacred, they be known

I dare not look behind thy back

’tis dark with ghostly airs

and whispers mellowing

I wish not to hear

only music so sweet

within my inner ear

I look behind

I dared, how I sin

For my eye chose to see

what I should not see

upon a ghostly form

a horse rideth he

enlighten my pathway

I wish there be no shadows

nor let my ears hear

the sound the heart can fear

let him follow not

mark my path unseeable

Mistletoe I shed to thy ground

and nolonger are my footsteps

Thine spirit is not seen

protection is thine companion

now the birds can sing

thy rainbow I surely reach

as I move across thee ground

the bridge of gold

beckons my blue sight

and across the field I see

the awaiting bright white light

(inspired from a vision/dream)

For historical information on Glastonbury visit

Glastonbury Tor - there are many myths and legends surrounding this ancient old Tor.


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