Confessions of a Clairsentient


These words express moments where I am sitting somewhere, and find myself tuning into individuals, and sensing emotion. As I sit there, I wonder if others feel things as deeply as I do, or whether the person I see knows they are not alone.

If a heart can yearn, without the mind

don’t you think that’s so fair

pulsing a pure and kind love

the wish to help and care

that tears are held beneath the lids

and your heart is like it’s calling

don’t you think your heart is true

whispering to your mind, it’s calling?

If whenever I may look or feel you

tune into your very prescence

what if it was you calling?

and people didn’t hear your cries

what if I, so rare with care

did listen to my heart to yours

and if I did, hear your echoes sigh

I would breathe a solemn reply

If a heart can yearn without the mind

Don’t you think that’s so fair?



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