The bird is flying, above amidst white clouds but the sky is turquoise, completely clear and hypnotic to my mind.

She spirals down, further to the ground, kind eyed, with a willowy call, she lands, completely composed, not a sigh or whisper heard by the wind.
The ocean ebbs, sand to sea, water to land, blood to body – Life.

In the beginning was nothing, then a silvery matter rose among all energies, it grew bigger and bigger, then a door opened.

Illusions fostered – what am I seeing, rainbows, colour, beauty, perfection, cycles, balance.

One imbalance created all imbalances. I am seeing spirals. I envisioned the bridge, and light on the other side – why am I unable to step across, and what is to be seen?

I have no idea, the time is not yet ready.

(Njari 14/12/95)


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